March 29, 2018 · streaming 4K Ultra HD

Fixing problems with high quality internet video and audio streaming

This article is a summarized extract from The Budgeteers' Guide to 21st Century TV.

Streaming puts a home's network under a different kind of load. Networks that perform well when used for web browsing, email or even file downloads may have problems when subjected to the heavier and more continuous demands of high definition movie and music streams.

There are many good approaches and methods to fixing streaming issues, the process illustrated here is just one of them.

The process summarized in this diagram is trying to isolate and identify some common issues that can occur when streaming over a home network. We urge you not to skip steps. This process will not identify every issue or fix every problem – but it will get you closer to understanding what may be wrong. Also, more than one thing can be wrong, so the process may need to be repeated.

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