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Getting ready
Before proceeding...
What skills do you need?
Choosing how to proceed.

Chapter 1: Introductions

1.1 Specs and stuff
      Resolution and screen size
      Bandwidth - bits per second and stuff
      Closed Captions
1.2 Digitally Broadcast-to-air TV
      Introduction to Antenna TV
      What is an antenna?
      Introduction to TV tuners
      Networked TV tuners
      Using Networked Tuners with multiple TVs and devices
      Do you need an networked tuner?
1.3 Smart TVs
      Introduction to Smart TVs.
1.4 Digital Video Recorders (DVR)
      Introduction to DVRs
      Networked DVRs
      Integrated DVRs
      Do you need a DVR?
      Do you need a networked DVR?
1.5 Streaming Gadgets
      Introduction to streaming gadgets
      Introduction to Roku
      Introduction to AppleTV
      Introduction to Amazon Fire TV and FireOS
      Introduction to SlingTV Air TV player
      Using multiple gadgets on one TV - HDMI switches
1.6 Chromecast and AndroidTV
      Android consoles and TV Boxes
      Introduction to Chromecast and Android TV
      Chromecast dongles
      AndroidTV and the NVIDIA Shield
1.7 Personal Computers and TV
      Why attach a computer to a TV?
      Introduction to the Intel NUC
      Introduction to the Mac Mini
      Stick computers
      Remote input for PCs - keyboards, trackpads, etc

Chapter 2: Getting content

2.1 Antennas
      Can you get broadcast-to-air TV at your place?
      Choosing a digital TV antenna.
      Getting the signal – and finding a home for the antenna.
      Do you need a signal pre-amplifier?
      Mounting the antenna.
2.2 Streaming
      Internet streaming
      "Live" Cable channel streaming services
      Alternative "live" streaming sources
      Movies and TV shows
2.3 Optical Disks
      Optical disk formats
      When to use an optical disk?

Chapter 3: Moving Content

3.1 Networks
      The Home network
      Streaming on the home network
      Network Connections - Wires and Radios
      Choosing between wired or wireless.
      The Router
      The Internet Service Provider
      Finding and fixing streaming problems
      Using multiple WiFi bands for smoother streaming
      Keep it all working
3.2 Wires
      "Fun" with Coax
      HDMI, Display Port and other multimedia connections
      HDCP and DRM

Chapter 4: Watching content

4.1 Smart TVs
      Smart TV Operating Systems (OS)
4.2 Networked Tuners
      Installing a HDHomeRun Connect Tuner
      Watching live TV in an app
      Maintaining a HDHomeRun Tuner
4.3 DVRs
      Networked DVRs
      Networked DVR - TabloTV
      Setup a TabloTV
      Using a TabloTV
      PC based DVRs - MythTV, NextPVR
4.4 Streaming Gadgets
      Streaming - Overview
      Setup a Roku
      Setup an Amazon Fire TV
      What is Google Casting?
      Setup Casting Receivers - AndroidTV & Chromecast
      Casting from apps and the Chrome browser
4.5 PC and Mac computers
      Streaming in a web browser
      Troubleshooting browser streaming
      Watching Broadcast TV on a PC using a tuner
4.6 Privacy
      Who is watching the watcher?

Chapter 5: Example projects

Project skills and cost rankings
5.1 SmartTVs and live broadcast-to-air TV
      Using an antenna with a smart TV
      The TV guide
5.2 Internet Streaming
      Is this the right option for you?
      Unbundling the cable TV bundle.
      Making it work
5.3 Streaming "Cable Only" channels
      Example: Hulu Live
      Example: Playstation Vue
      Sling TV Air TV Player
      You can't always get what you want...
5.4 Combining streaming gadgets and broadcast-to-air TV
      A networked DVR as a Roku channel
      Watching Broadcast-to-air TV in FireOS
      Chromecasting TV to the big screen
5.5 AndroidTV
      Installing apps on AndroidTV
      NVIDIA Shield - an AndroidTV console
      Watching a networked tuner as a Live Channel on AndroidTV
      Using a networked DVR with AndroidTV
      Casting to AndroidTV
      Watching Amazon Instant Video on the NVIDIA shield
      Trouble shooting AndroidTV
5.6 Personal Computers and TV
      Keyboards, mouse and network
      Watching a Tablo DVR in a web browser
5.7 TV on Apple computers and Apple TV
      A Mac Mini computer with Tablo TV
      A Mac Mini computer with a HDHomeRun tuner
      AppleTV and a TabloTV DVR
5.8 Plex DVR on an NVIDIA Shield
      Install the Plex client and Media Server
      Configure the Plex DVR
5.9 Money saving ideas
      Using less internet
      Little or no internet
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