February 28, 2018 · broadcast-to-air TV streaming

Watching antenna TV on Roku, Amazon FireOS and Chromecast

This article is a summarized extract from The Budgeteers' Guide to 21st Century TV.

Most streaming gadgets are designed to stream content off the internet, but they can just as easily stream from sources in the home network. With the addition of a suitable app, your streaming gadget can stream from a networked tuner or DVR, giving convenient access to broadcast-to-air TV alongside internet streaming. Because everything is in the network, all the advantages and convenience of internet streaming still apply — but you also get the cost savings of utilizing free broadcast TV for a portion of your viewing. As you can probably use your existing streaming gadget and remote control, there is no need for extra hardware or gadgets attached to the TV.

This diagram shows a Fire TV Stick and Amazon Video. The concept is the same for a Roku or Chromecast device.

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